The Faithful ManagerUsing your God given tools for workplace success

“’The Faithful Manager’ draws from Tony Shaw’s many years of HR and executive management experience, to share keen insights and gifts about human nature in the workplace. He weaves his own life and deep personal faith with real world examples, lessons and quotes to show readers how to improve their inner moral compass and tap key aspects of their humanity, to more effectively manage themselves and others.”

Donald Beach III, Finance Executive

“Tony’s use of anecdote and personal experience adds spice to his message and allows the reader access to and emotional understanding of the ideas he is introducing. His narrative of his own early life is inspiring and powerful. And what could be better than his wonderful recounting of everyday miracles?

The ideas themselves exemplify all that is best in the universe of humane management practices. Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home with our families, friends and loved ones. What a dynamic idea to teach managers to apply those moral and ethical values of respect, love, compassion and faith to the world of work!”

Ann Glickman, Senior Business Manager

“Moving and sometimes humorous life experiences are the source of much of the inspiration for “The Faithful Manager.” Through the recognition of each individual’s spiritual being, Tony shares and teaches useful pearls of wisdom. These lessons are equally valuable to team members and managers alike.” 

David Petric, Senior Vice President Global Banking
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